The Sembrich


Marcella Sembrich Greeting Card, Book and Portrait Postcards


1. Marcella Sembrich Portrait Postcard,  4″x 6″ of Marcella Sembrich painted by Meyerheim, 1890. $2.00 +plus tax
2. Marcella Sembrich Greeting Card with black & white photograph of Mme. Sembrich in the 1920s. $4.00 +plus tax
3. A Recollection of Marcella Sembrich by H. Goddard Owen,  hardcover book features a look into the singer’s life. $15.00 +plus tax

Sembrich Candles, Magnet and Paper Fans


1. Marcella Sembrich Portrait Candle,  showing portraits of Mme. Sembrich. $11.95 +plus tax
2. Marcella Sembrich Magnet, features portrait of Mme. Sembrich. $1.50 +plus tax
3. Colorful Paper Fan, to stay cool watching the performances. $5.00 +plus tax

Marcella Sembrich CDs


1. Marcella Sembrich “The Victor Recordings (1908 – 1919), CD features Sembrich performances from 1908 to 1919. Call for pricing
2. Marcella Sembrich “The Victor Recordings (1904 – 1908), CD features Sembrich performances from 1904 to 1908. Call for pricing

Sembrich Postcards


1. Sembrich Studio Postcard, feature an artist’s drawings of the Sembrich property in Bolton. 4 different cards. $0.50 each +plus tax or $2.00 +plus tax for all 4