The Sembrich

“Youth’s Magic Horn: The Early Phonograph and Its Greatest Stars”- Studio Talk with Barrymore Laurence Scherer

Date: 08/30/2017 Location: The Sembrich Studio
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Price: $20, Members Free Ticket Reservations: (518) 644-2431 ext. 101

August 30th - B.L. Scherer

Though Thomas Edison initially thought of his phonograph as a dictating machine for offices, his invention proved an entertainment godsend—especially during the Golden Age of Opera. Featuring a dazzling mix of historic images and rare recordings, this lively presentation will reveal the extraordinary story of Edison’s invention and its astonishing impact on the music world.

As a special feature, we will enjoy the rare opportunity to wind up Marcella Sembrich’s beautifully preserved Victrola and listen to her as she herself did.

Mr. Scherer, a classical music and art critic for The Wall Street Journal and contributing editor of The Magazine ANTIQUES, is author of the acclaimed books, “Bravo! A Guide to Opera for the Perplexed and A History of American Classical Music.”

August 30_EdisonAlthough the gramophone immortalized for all time the voices of Sembrich and her operatic colleagues, its inventor Thomas Edison was severely hard of hearing.  He would listen to every new recording by holding the end of a pencil in his teeth and resting the other end on the edge of the phonograph horn in order to capture the sound vibrations.

This is a Members Free event.  Reservations are required.